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Soul Path Reading & Karmic Clearing

The Keys Needed to Unlocking your Greatest Success in Love, Life & Business

  • 14 hours 30 minutes
  • 1,250 US dollars
  • On the Phone or Zoom Call

Service Description

Your Soul Path Reading consists of a 2.5 hour session that goes over many aspects of your life, that will be broken down to you in reference to how you operate in the world. It will also cover the 1st 36 years of your life. Your love life, karmic debt, career, your pathway, life path & your reason for being. You will find out, overall 1. How you lead 2. How you Unitfy or your lack of Unity 3. Your Self Expression 4. What kind of work you should be doing 5. What is your Self image 6. Your Relationships 7. Your Level of conscious 8. Your Wealth & Power or how to go about getting on the right track 9. Your Completion 1.The things they gonna know is the reason for being here on earth. 2. What are your karmic debt you have. 3. What is your pathway through life 4. We going to examine the first 36yrs of your life, to what was your strengths and weaknesses 5. You are going to get the solution to it all. Each individual session can run UP TO 2 hours long depending on the individuals tolerance. But will never exceed 12 total Karmic Clearing hours total. These hours are broken down into 6 Sessions spread out based on your schedule, that consists of: 1. Inner child trauma Children have been victims of a stolen innocents and we need to recover, restore and replace the innocents. 2. Mother trauma Our mothers try their best to offer what they know to raise us with the resources they have but these practices are not always the case in our development. 3. Father trauma Our fathers are designed to establish our identity in the self image, including being a provider, protector, educator and to console . But this can be a missing link in your development that needs to be established. 4. Mother womb It is important to heal the mother womb that you spent the first 9 months of your development. The mother emotions are heighten and can be the most sensitive time for her and fetus. Those emotions can impose its will on the fetus to cause early child trauma. 5. Father's Energetic womb This allows you to see the development of your Father to understand his character and challenges to clear up how your father trauma effects you today. 6. Karmic debt This is the moment we do some time traveling to look at the challenges you have caused in a past life that is currently effecting you today.

Cancelation Policy

For cancellations please contact us within 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged the full amount. Deposits are NON-Refundable, but are transferrable to another service or time slot.

Contact Details

+ 314-649-8088

1150 Rivershyre Parkway Northeast, Lawrenceville, GA, USA

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