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The Merkaba House

Healing & Wellness Center

Here at the Merkaba House we offer many different services to choose from. Whether it's a Chakra Clearing balancing/attuning session, Energy releasing, Crystal Healing,  Hot Stone Massage, Kemetic Reiki, singing bowl healing sessions, or group singing bowl meditation sessions, we have something for you! 


   In addition, we also offer Abundance/Manifestation copper pyramid meditation sessions, as well as tuning fork healing sessions. In all, an experience in The Merkaba House is truly one of a kind. You will feel renewed &  rejuvenated, or some people feel as if a weight has been lifted off their shoulders after a healing session with us, only you can unlock your healing, we are just the facilitators, giving you the tools you need along the way. So give us a call or drop me an email to schedule your next appointment, 314-649-8088 I can't wait to hear from you all, see you soon! 

Shaman Priestess | Visionary| Master Healer | Licensed Aesthetician | Licensed Massage Therapist

Onika Long

Founder, Visionary &  Master Healer  Onika Osunlewa Long,

Initiated Oshun Priestess, Sacred Sound Alchemist, Kemetic Reiki Practitioner, Certified Fertility Massage Specialist, Certified Goddess Steam Practitioner,   Master Crystologist, Spiritual Medium, Certified Spirit Guide Coach, , Wedding Officiant, & Mother.


Known for her extraordinary natural healing techniques,  Onika Long, was led to a path of healing early on when she realized as a child that she was an empath. This explained her  yearning desire to always want to help people. Helping others always made her  heart full and gave her great joy.  So after high school at the tender age of 19 Onika and her mother Diana, enrolled in massage therapy school. The art of massage showed her how she could heal with her hands. It also exposed her to Eastern Modalities and healing techniques that she never would have know about other wise. After graduating Onika found herself so intrigued by Eastern thought. She then embarked on a self study journey of learning the chakra systems, and energy medicine.


    During her years of self study, Onika had a talk with a close of friend of hers who told her she was getting a getting a hystorectomy at just 30 because she suffered from fibroids.Her friend had no children but the doctor had convinced her this was the only way to stop them from returning.  Her decision devastated Onika, as she knew there were alternative healing methods out there. That was the defining moment for Onika to go down this path of healing full time to help assist women with alternatives first, rather than going straight to surgery.

    Onika then took her spiritual journey as a healer to the next level, when she and her mother drove cross country to Boulder Colorado to learn laying on of hands healing techniques by Melody and became Certified Master Crystologist.

   She yearned to take her healing quest deeper, so she sought out one of her Queen Mother's Rekhit Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet, and from there got initiated into the Ra Sekhi Arts Temple as a Kemetic Reiki Practitioner with the Goddess Sekhmet The Great Healer leading the way. This was thee step that truly catapulted her path as a healer. 

           Her extensive education includes a License in both Massage Therapy and Esthetics.

    Many certifications, including a Certified Fertility Massage Specialist, Certified Goddess Yoni Steam Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Master, Stone Grids Practitioner/Teacher, Certified Pendulum Dowser, Certified Spirit Guide Coach, Certified Womb Sauna Practitioner, Certified Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher, and is a minister and wedding offciant.

                    Onika is also a mother to 4 beautiful children, &  resides in Snellville, GA She enjoys live theater, nature walks, Interior Design, graphic design &, anything crocheted.  Onika also enjoys  green living, learning about living off the grid, & hosting sister circles.

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