The Merkaba House




Healing & Wellness Center


At the Merkaba House, not only are we a metaphysical crystal shop, but we also offers Chakra Balancing, Singing Bowl sessions, & Soul-coaching Sessions.  We also offer ear candling, & Ionic foot detox

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For What We Do

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ankh, infinity, sacred spiral, yin & yang, eye of horus,

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Gaia, goddess, triple goddess, earth

Gaia, goddess, triple goddess, earth

Triple Goddess, purple mother earth, gaia, goddess, pagan, wicca

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Amethyst point gemstone crystals, laying on a mutation's cube crystal grid.

Crystal, gemstone, healing, chakra, singing bowls. tibetan singing bowls, ankh.

Tibetan tingsha laying on a aloe vera plant, great for energy clearing, and opening the chakras.