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Holds the imprint knowledge of Shamans, Alchemists, & Priests & Priestess of the past. It induces past life clearing, (pace in your client's hand during healing sessions.) and allows you access to past & future lives, to determine how to live your present life. Merlinite is the stone of equilibrium, It balances & induces harmony into one's life. Through the balancing of the divine masculine, feminine, energies within, & balancing your intuition, subconscious, & conscious mind, and your intellect. This stone is a powerful energy cleanser, & reprograms ingrained patterns of behavior in the mental & emotional etheric blueprints. Which will unlock and bring about profound change in ones life used during healing sessions. It is highly effective for Karmic Healing and healing & breaking family generational curses, blockages and generational behavior patterns. Price is per stone.

Mystical Merlinite (Rare)