The Earth Star Chakra is the energy center of deep grounding. It governs

our everyday life, and is our grounding power center of the body.  It is 

located 6 inches below the feet, & when open allows a person to become 

deeply rooted and balanced in all areas of one’s life feeling completely


  Keeping the Earth Star Chakra open & balanced allows for releasing & 

letting go of any deep-seeded blockages within the body. These deep-

seeded imbalanced & blockages within the body can lead to feelings

of helplessness and complete powerlessness. Your Earth Star chakra also serves as your grounding cord to your Lightbody. This cord, grounds you deeply to the heart core of Mother Earth. We are multidimensional beings & our Lightbody is composed ofour etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies thus when our EarthStar Chakra is blocked and unbalanced, it throws our entire Lightbody out of perfect alignment with the universe, Mother Earth, and All That Is.The Earth Star Chakra stores all of our Ancestral history and our geneticcodes, knowledge etc. It is the record-keeper of all of our past lives,incarnations, and karmic lessons we have learned & completed & willcomplete, because time is a spiral its all occurring now, past, present & future!




Earth Star Chakra Activation Attunement

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