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Have you paid your #ancestors today??? Show your ancestors graditude with ancestor money. Learn to unlock your #financial #abundance and break #generational #debt #curses happening to your family by #offering up #ancestor #money to you family whose crossed over to the other side. These #supercharged #MerkabaHouse Money packs are only $11 @ www.themerkabahouse.com to set your course on financial freedom. Use this super charged money pack to hold sacred space to break the chains of debt, and call money forth Ase.'

Ancestor Money Super Charged pack

  • MONEY IS NOT REAL CURRENCY, FOR BURNING PURPOSES OR MANIFESTATION PURPOSES ONLY!!! Merkaba House Super Charged Money pack includes: 50-100 million dollar bills, 20- $100 dollar bills, 25- $10,000 dollar bills a small bag of sage, a citrine abundance stone, and a natural pyrite cube money stone.